What’s old is new again! Lowes is bringing back their werewolf animatronic from last year with one small change. He’s wearing a different plaid shirt. Last year the werewolf was wearing a blue shirt. This year he is wearing a red shirt. So if you really hated the blue shirt and were hoping for a red one this year. It’s time to pull the trigger and bring the prop home.

Check out the new/old werewolf below.

I don’t hate the Lowe’s werewolf, but I don’t really love it either. At $149 it’s not very expensive compared to other props from Spirit Halloween. The great thing about Lowe’s is that if you can wait it out you can generally get their props much cheaper. Typically they tend to start marking them down once you get into October. Last year I wanted the Zultan prop but waited until it went down to 75% off and got him for $40 instead of $149. I assume Lowes will likely do the same thing this year with their Halloween decor. But, like I always say, if you really want the werewolf get him now. There is no guarantee he will be there in October.

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