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Make Your Own Pennywise Santa Claus Christmas Decorations

Everybody loves Christmas. But some of us have a hard time letting go of Halloween. We’ve waited all year for scary movies and monsters and it’s hard to give it up to spread Christmas cheer? What if we told you it was still possible to celebrate Christmas and have some Halloween at the…

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Home Accents Black Santa Claus Animated Prop Review

Home Accents has a really cool African American Santa Claus prop for 2017. The 6′ lifesize black Santa looks pretty realistic. Jolly Old Saint Nick sings and dances when he is activated. Santa will sing “Holly Jolly Christmas and Winter Wonderland” as his arms sway from side to side and his mouth moves…

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Gemmy Animated Santa Clause Review

We all love Halloween animatronics but who doesn’t love Jolly Old Saint Nick at Christmas time? Gemmy made a really cool dancing Santa Clause prop for Christmastime. Like most high-end Halloween props the Dancing Santa does cost more than a usual animated prop and will cost you $200+. But the Santa prop is…

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