Everybody loves Christmas. But some of us have a hard time letting go of Halloween. We’ve waited all year for scary movies and monsters and it’s hard to give it up to spread Christmas cheer? What if we told you it was still possible to celebrate Christmas and have some Halloween at the same time? Introducing Pennywise Clause!

I had a friend who had a Santa Claus prop but he had a Jason Voorhees mask over Santa’s face. This year “It” and Pennywise are the hot things for Halloween. All you have to do is combine Pennywise and Santa. First you have to get a Santa Clause animated prop. Perhaps you already have one. If not, Amazon has several to choose from.

Next you will need to get a Pennywise mask. There are several variations of the star of the movie, “It” on Amazon. Pick the one you like the most.

All you really have to do is remove the cap from Santa’s head and then place the clown mask over his head. Next you reattach Santa’s cap and then you are set. Instead of having him play “Winter Wonderland” or another Christmas classic you could set up a bluetooth speaker by Pennywise Clause playing some songs from the “It” sountrack.

Once Christmas is over you can leave the jolly old clown out until New Year’s then pack him up until September when you put out your Halloween decorations for the next month and a half.

If Pennywise isn’t your favorite you can do Freddy Krueger, Pinhead or any other horror movie star that you’d like to see up until the new year. It’s a shame we don’t celebrate Halloween year ’round but a little creativity can help bleed the holiday into Christmas. The only downside is if small kids come over to your house during the holidays and wonder why Santa is a scary clown. That’s up to you to decide how to handle that situation.

I had a friend tell me that they were going to tie a red balloon to their Christmas tree and have it in place where the angel usually sets on top of the tree.