I fell in love with the Cauldron Creeper last year when I was walking through my local Halloween Express. The Creeper was different and that’s what I liked the most about him. He wasn’t a zombie or a clown and didn’t really fit into a category. I would categorize the Cauldron Creeper as a Grim Reaper but I think that could be stretching it a little. Basically the Creeper is a skeleton stirring a cauldron as he talks to you.

Here’s a video of the animatronic in action.

The Creeper has a few sayings to creep you out while he stirs his spot for eternity.

“Stir, stir, stir the pot, I’ve put me flesh in, now I’ve naught. I’ll let it simmer ’til bubbling brew, and when it’s ready I’ll come find you! He heh heh”

“Ah, this is thickening nicely, yessss. Heh heh, this cauldron is full of tasty morsels I have found. Would you like to give it a try? It’s Halloween ANYTHING can happen this night! Heh Hah!”

The Creeper can be used with a fog machine to add a little something extra to his stirring of the cauldron. He’s also a little more difficult to put together compared to most animated props because you also have to put together the cauldron as well. The cauldron is separate from the Creeper and can be a pain to put together despite how easy it might look.

The Creeper’s eyes light up as he raises and lowers his head while he stirs his cauldron as he talks to you. There are also some green LED lights inside the cauldron that look pretty cool. The bottom of the cauldron is painted to look like it’s a fire that’s cooking whatever is inside of the pot the Creeper is stirring.

When I bought the Creeper I was so excited to add him to my collection. However, what makes him special also works against him. I like to group my props together for my Halloween party. For example, I like to put the clowns in a clown tent and put all the zombies in one part of the yard. The Cauldron Creeper doesn’t really go with other props so he ends up being set up away from the other props.

I still like the Cauldron Creeper and I strongly recommend using him with a fog machine. The prop retails for under $200 and is worth it if you like creepy, unique animatronics that are different than other Halloween animated props.