If you’re like me, you are a sucker for werewolf Halloween props. There are tons of Halloween animatronics out there but when you find a really good werewolf you need to add him to your collection. The Limb Ripper is an older Spirit Halloween prop that the company stopped production on a few years ago. Luckily for all of us who didn’t have him the fine people at Spirit decided to bring him back for 2017.

Here’s the video of the Limb Ripper in action during the day and night.

The Limb Ripper is physically imposing, standing right at 6′ tall. It’s also a little creepy that he has blood splattered all over his dress shirt. Maybe the Limb Ripper was a banker on Wall Street before he saw the full moon and turned.

When he is activated the Limb Ripper growls and moves from side to side as his eyes light up. His arm also dangles and moves around. Unfortunately my Limb Ripper doesn’t make any noise. Something happened at Spirit Halloween before I got him and he doesn’t work correctly. I was told that a customer came into the store and played with him which resulted in the Limb Ripper falling to the ground. When they picked him back up and put him together he wouldn’t make any sounds. They offered to sell me the prop for $100 and I was glad to get it. I easily fixed the no sounds problem by ripping a werewolf growl from Youtube and put the mp3 on my ipad. I synced the ipad with a bluetooth speaker and put that inside his shirt so he would growl and be menacing to everyone who walked by him.

I highly recommend the Limb Ripper, especially if you are a fan of werewolves. I have the Lurching Werewolf prop and the Limb Ripper is a lot different. The Limb Ripper has the build closer to a human than werewolf and I like that difference. It contrasts really well when you put the two together. I have a purple spotlight I had always put on the Lurching Werewolf so naturally I put the Limb Ripper beside him for Halloween. It made for a cool scene on Halloween night with two large werewolves in the front yard when trick or treaters came to the house.

I would’ve liked to added the 7′ Gray Towering Werewolf from Home Depot to my collection but he was sold out by the time I was ready to pull the trigger. I think he would’ve fit in nicely with the Limb Ripper and Lunging Werewolf. Oh well, maybe next year.