If you like big animated props Distortions Unlimited has just the thing for you. The Sleeping Giant is massive and might be one of the coolest props I’ve ever seen. It’s basically a big giant who is trying to sleep but he keeps getting woken up by his little friend Bobo.

Here’s the video of the Sleeping Giant in action.

This Giant is huge and stands to about 11 feet tall. He’s probably too big for your garage but is better suited for theme parks and professional haunted houses. The Sleeping Giant has at least two phrases he says while having a conversation with his little buddy, Bobo that you can catch in the video.

Giant: Hey, what’s the big idea. Quiet down, geez. One of these days, Bobo, one of these days. (Farts)
Bobo: Go back to bed tubs

Giant: (Farts) What’s going on around here? It’s you. Don’t make me get up. It wouldn’t be pretty. Shoo, shoo.
Bobo: Don’t mind him. He’s been grumpy all day, all week, all year. Sheesh…

Distortions Unlimited has built their reputation as one of the top prop builders in the country and the Sleeping Giant is just one of many in their massive portfolio. If you wanted to buy one of the massive props it will set you back a cool $16,625.00. With an animatronic the same price as a used car this prop isn’t for everyone. If you do decide to order one it will take 4 to6 weeks to arrive.