We’ve been covering Spirit Halloween’s latest Halloween offerings this summer but Halloween Express has quietly been adding new items to their website recently. Their latest is the Towering Wailing Soul Animated Prop. It’s also available on Amazon.com.

Here is the Wailing Soul in action.

The best thing about the Towering Wailing Soul animatronic is the size. I’m a sucker for really large props and this guy definitely checks that box at 76 inches (6’4) tall and his arms go up to 86 inches (OVER 7 FEET TALL!) when he is triggered. The Wailing Soul’s face and chest light up while his arms move and torso turns when he is activated by a sensor or a step pad. The big ghost doesn’t say anything but he will shriek when activated. The best part of the prop is the strobe light that goes off as he moves around. That’s a nice touch and the light really does a good job of accenting the Wailing Soul’s face.

The Towering Wailing Soul is a big prop and if you order it from Halloween Express’ website you will have to pay extra for shipping.

The prop will set up you back $224.95 on HalloweenExpress.com but he is much cheaper on Amazon.com. I’m not sure I will be picking his one up before Halloween. I think he’s a pretty good prop but there are a lot more to choose from and I’d much rather have the 7′ Evil Clown or Forest Demon than the Towering Wailing Soul. I think if I can find him on November 1 I wouldn’t mind paying half price for him and adding him to my collection. As you know, the day after Halloween is the best time to buy big props because big box Halloween store owners are more inclined to give deep discounts to get rid of inventory so they won’t have to pay to put items into storage until next year.

Ultimately it’s your call whether or not you bring the Wailing Soul home to be a part of your haunt this Halloween.