There’s just something about clowns that keep you on our toes. And if you want to scare everyone at your Halloween party this year I’m sure you will have one or two clowns around the house or backyard. My first ever animatronic clown was Honky the Clown. I bought him in 2011 and he has been a fixture around Halloween at my house for years. Before moving into a smaller house I kept Honky up year ’round in my man cave because I thought he too cool to be put up for eleven months out of the year.

Here’a a video of Honky in action.

Honky the Clown doesn’t say anything, he just laughs, and laughs and laughs some more. He does this while shaking his head as he honks the horn in his hands while his eyes glow red as he stares into your soul. Honky’s left arm does move while he laughs but it’s not very noticeable. The evil clown stands 6′ tall and is pretty realistic looking for an animated Halloween prop. Honky does come with a tiny clown hat but I had a hard time keeping it on. Since his face is made of latex it made his mouth and neck look a little strange so I took it off. Even without the little hat Honky is still pretty terrifying. Ultimately it’s your call on whether you put the hat on him or leave it off.

Since he’s been out for a while it’s getting harder and harder to find Honky the Clown. Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express don’t offer him any longer and is really the only place where you can consistently find him in stock this time of year.

Honky runs on 4 AA batteries, which aren’t included and you will have to put him together when he arrives. When they assembly required, they aren’t joking. The clown is pretty difficult to put together since he is so large and there are so many parts. When you store him it always seems like his arms and left hand fall off. But once you have him assembled he’s not that hard to put back together.

He’s activated by a sensor but also is compatible with a step pad that is standard in the industry. The sensor is in the clowns left hand and it’s easily obstructed by the sleeve of his shirt. I always have to make sure the sleeve is pushed down so there are no problem with Honky being activated when I have friends over for my Halloween party.

Every year I put a big top clown tent for all my clown animated props. Honky is always front and center in my attraction for all my friends and family to experience.

Here’s the video of the clown tent in action with other clown props I’ve collected over the years.

I definitely recommend Honky the Clown if you can find him. He’s harder to find now as new props are created and old ones are discontinued but if you love clowns as much as I do you need to add Honky to your collection. You’ll be glad you did.