Halloween Express is a great place to go to find some of the most popular Halloween props every year. They don’t have the same selection you find at Spirit Halloween but you can still find some really creepy stuff at their stores or website. Earlier this week Halloween Express announced their top five selling Halloween animated props, all of which can be found on their site as well as Amazon.com.

5. Rising Animated Phantom

The Phantom stands almost five feet tall but when he is activated rises up to six and a half feet tall to greet your guests. The Animated Phantom has several different sayings one of which is,

“It has been so long since anyone has willingly come into my presence. Your life must not be very important to you, coming here this way.”

4. Animated Cauldron Creeper

I really like the Cauldron Creeper. I picked him up last year and paid almost $300 for him. This year he seems to be a little cheaper and I highly recommend adding him to your collection. I wouldn’t say he’s the scariest prop I own but the Creeper definitely is creepy and an interesting animatronic that everyone at your Halloween party will want to check out and see up close.

When activated the Cauldron Creeper says,

“Stir, stir, stir the pot, I’ve put me flesh in, now I’ve naught. I’ll let it simmer ’til bubbling brew, and when it’s ready I’ll come find you! He heh heh”

3. Animated Crawling Zombie

The Crawling Zombie is a neat little prop that is affordable. You can set him down and he will crawl around on the ground during your Halloween party creeping out all of your guests as he does his thing. If you are on a budget this year but still want a fun animated prop the Animated Crawling Zombie could be the one for you this Halloween.

2. Cat-tastrophe Animated Prop

The Cat-tastrophe Witch is a fun prop that is new for 2017. It’s a unique prop that hasn’t been done before this year. It’s a witch holding a cat over a cauldron about to drop it in to make dinner. When she is activated she has several different things she will say including,

“Eh heh heh heh you will make a tasty meal – my favorite is the flesh from a black cat, but you will do nicely! Eh heheheheh!”

1. Animated Witch with Fog Machine

The Animated Witch is similar to the Cat-tastrophe Witch except she is holding a child instead of a cat. The kid screams as the witch greets you.

“See what happens when you wander into the woods alone. Let this be a lesson to you – and a meal for me! Eh heheheh!”

Some of the props like the Cauldron Creeper and the Animated Witches operate with a fog machine. The fog machine isn’t necessary but it does add to the prop and give the animatronics a new dimension. If you want your guests to be really creeped out a witch holding a child over a smoldering cauldron will do the trick just nicely. Fog machines can be found online for $20-$300. But beware, if you buy a cheap fog machine there is a good chance it’s not going to work very well. That’s been my experience in the past I’ve bought three fog machines under $40 and each time they didn’t work very well, and when they worked they didn’t work very long.

Halloween is right around the corner. Don’t wait if there is an animated prop you really want. We’ve already seem Spirit Halloween sell out some of their top props a month before Halloween. If you are on the fence about a prop, don’t wait. Pull the trigger and bring it home. It may not be there much longer.