Home Depot is taking 30% off of Halloween merchandise to liquidate their inventory leading up to Halloween. Lowes is taking 25% off. Home Depot’s sale runs through October 26 while Lowes runs through the 27th. Stores usually reduce seasonal merchandise like Halloween and Thanksgiving early so they can make room for all the Christmas items that are piling up in the stockroom.

The good news is that if you can’t make it by Lowes or Home Depot before the sales end you will likely be treated to more savings as the Halloween merchandise will probably go down to 50% or more next weekend.

I’ve had my eyes on a few things at Lowes and Home Depot but was waiting to see if they get reduced the weekend before Halloween. Lowes has the Black Widow for $119. She’s now down to $90 but I want to see if they will go to half off next weekend. If they sell out of the item, I’ll be an idiot who should’ve bought it when I had the chance.

Christmas items have already hit the sales floors at Home Depot and Lowes. As soon as Halloween is over you will see a lot more nutcrackers, Grinches and other Christmas items coming out to take the place of witches and werewolves as soon as they get rid of the Halloween stuff.