If you like big werewolf props you are in luck. We’ve seen several different animated werewolves over the years come and go but it looks like Home Depot has hit a home run with the one they are rolling out for Halloween 2017. This year Home Depot is introducing a 7 ft tall gray werewolf that is pretty awesome. I had seen the videos and picture online but remained a little skeptical but today I saw it for myself and it is one of the best animatronics I’ve seen this year. It’s now available on Amazon.com too.

Here’s a video of the werewolf in action.

The werewolf I saw in Home Depot wasn’t plugged so I didn’t get to see what he could do in person. But he was very imposing in person and I was blown away about how realistic the werewolf was up close. Looking realistic is the most important thing I look for in animatronic prop and this werewolf is the real deal. Being 7′ and having a turning head and torse only adds to the affect. The prop’s eyes light up and his mouth moves and the werewolf howls when he is activated.

One thing I really liked about the prop is his color. All of the other werewolves I’ve seen have been brown. Since the Home Depot Werewolf is gray he really stands out and draws attention to himself. With so many generic animatronics out there nowadays something as simple as a different color makes a lot of difference to me, someone who loves Halloween props and can be somewhat of a snob when it comes to which ones I will buy.

The werewolf costs $189.00 at Home Depot and is also available on their website. Normally I would wait until after Halloween to pick up a prop like this. However, with this prop being so cool I might pull the trigger on the werewolf. Generally Home Depot marks down their Halloween items around 30-50% the week of Halloween. I think I might snatch him up then because I have a feeling the prop won’t be available on November 1 when Home Depot marks down all their Halloween stuff 50-75%. If you can find the Home Depot werewolf for less than $125 you should definitely buy him.

The problem with waiting until it’s marked down is that someone else could swoop in and get him before you do. Ultimately it’s your call on whether you want to spend nearly $200 on a prop or wait and take your chances to see if he is available when it gets reduced. If you are in the store and see that he is the only one left you can generally get the manager on duty to take 10-20% off since he is not in the box. Most retailers offer discounts on unboxed items that are the last item in their inventory. Home Depot is no different.

From what I saw the Home Depot werewolf gets two thumbs up and I’ll be adding him to my collection sometime pretty soon. That means before Halloween, not after.