I come across a lot of cool creepy props in the spring when all of the Halloween conventions are going on around the country. However, sometimes things slip through the cracks or get lost in the shuffle. This weekend I came across something from Dusk Productions that blew me away, but it’s from last year. Shame on me for not paying attention. Let me tell you about the Little Trick or Treater.

Most Halloween prop makers subscribe to the thinking that bigger is better, and usually they are right. However, a lot of times you see props that are really big and the attention to detail isn’t there. I want my Halloween props to look realistic. The Little Trick or Treater is one of the simplest, yet most original prop I think I’ve ever seen. There is just something really creepy about a little kid in a ghost costume that comes to your door on Halloween and Dusk Productions absolutely nailed it with their creation.

The Little Trick or Treater is approximately 3 feet tall and weighs around seven pounds. The prop is made from a quality foam filled latex bust with attached arms underneath a fabric costume. The arms have wire foamed into them so they are flexible and can be posed.

Dusk Productions makes products with the Haunter’s needs in mind. Let’s face it- we’re all tight on 3 things: Time, Money, and Space. Dusk provides solutions for the Haunter by developing props that assemble very quickly. Dusk Productions props are affordable, especially for the quality you get. Also, their props come apart so they can be stored very easily. Below the foam filled bust is a metal post that breaks down for easy shipping and storage.

They decided to make this Little Trick or Treater because he can fit into almost ANY Haunt theme, at least somewhere. Sure, anyone could make one themselves, but these have been selling like hot cakes to Haunters who want to reward themselves because we nailed the look of it. It has style and realism that can be seen in everything from the shape of the figure under the sheet, to the exposed hands. The attached pumpkin pails will vary with availability, and adds another level to this product, making your guests totally convinced that a real kid is standing in front of them. And the Little Trick or Treater is on sale for a limited time for $199.99 at DuskProductions.org!

For more info on Dusk Productions check out their website, and be sure to like them on Facebook.