It’s not even June and Spirit Halloween is starting to tip their hand a little revealing that is going to be in stores this year. Over the weekend Spirit announced that the Roaming Rosie Red Antique Doll will be back for 2018. Rosie was rolled out in 2015 and has been a favorite of home haunters ever since.

Here’s a video of Roaming Rosie in action.

Roaming Rosie is two and a half feet tall and weighs just under three pounds. She has white hair that is accented by her maroon dress. The prop has red glowing eyes that are pretty creepy. Rosie requires four AA batteries to operate.

When Rosie is activated she says the following phrase.

“There you are! You can’t get rid of me! I’ll be with you forever. Why are you so afraid? I just want to hug you. Hey, come back! You don’t play fair and you’re making me angry!”.

Rosie retails for $79.99 and is available for pre-order only. Like most pre-order Halloween items you buy in the summer Roaming Rosie will ship in late August so you will have it time for Halloween.

I’m not crazy about the roaming Halloween props but I think the $79.99 price point is fair for what Roaming Rosie does. It’s a good prop but I’d rather hold onto my money and buy something a little bigger where I get more bang for my buck.

In case you are wondering, Spirit Halloween will slowly start announcing which older Halloween props will return in May and June. In July and August they will start to announce new props and introduce them on their Twitter account and In September Spirit Halloween big box stores will start to open around the country and once October hits it’s Game On!