We knew it was coming and it was only a matter of time before Creepy Collection officially rolled out their version of Georgie from “It”. We first told you about it in March. Their prop is called the Raincoat Boat Kid instead of Georgie but we all know who the kid in the yellow rain coat is. There could be issues with a trademark and no one wants to get sued so the prop gets a different name. It’s still really cool. Check out the prop for yourself in Creepy Collection’s Instagram.

What I like most about this static prop is that it’s unique. With Pennywise being so popular, every prop company is putting their own spin on him. Not many companies have tried to do something with Georgie. Using Georgie in your haunt makes Pennywise even more scary since it’s amplifies the horror. If you walk into a room and see Pennywise it’s pretty scary but when you see a little boy who just had his arm ripped off it goes to the next level and it reminds you of just what Pennywise is capable of

At 299.99 plus shipping (around $40) the Raincoat Boat Kid is a pretty good deal and would make a great addition to your haunt, especially if you are planning on doing something with Pennywise. The prop stands 41 inches tall and comes with a bloody severed arm that is still holding onto the paper boat that ultimately led to his demise in the film. It’s not known whether the prop will float too (Just kidding).

For more info check out CreepyCollection.com and be sure to follow them on Instagram.