We’ve been seeing several really cool Pennywise props starting to hit the market after the success of “It” last fall at the box office. Last Halloween everyone had clown fever and Spirit Halloween even sold out of their 7′ Towering Evil Clown a week after it hit the stores in September. Everyone wanted a scary clown for their Halloween party and there were several good options available. But if you really want to take your creepy clown prop to the next level you really needed a little boy in a yellow rain coat missing his left arm. Well, this year Creepy Collection has filled that void but introducing a Georgie prop that is new for 2018.

Check out the attention to detail to Creepy Collection’s Georgie prop on their Instagram account.

The guys at Creepy Collection nailed this one. From the creepy eyes, yellow rain coat and a missing left ar I really am digging the new Georgie prop. I was surprised no one else had done this considering “It” was so popular last year. I doubt we ever get a Bill, Ben, Bev, Richie, Eddie, Mike and Stan from The Loser’s Club that took on Pennywise in the movie.

The price of the new Georgie prop isn’t known. Creepy Collection makes premium Halloween props that are used in some of the top haunted houses in the United States. Generally their props start around $400 and can cost up to $750. We will likely find out more information about Georgie and their other 2018 offerings in the coming weeks as we gear up for TransWorld’s Halloween & Attraction show later this month.

Halloween will be here before you know it. You’ll float too!