If you anything like me you love taking ghost tours around Halloween. Large cities all over the country charge $20 to $30 per person and take you to a handful of places. After releasing the Savannah Ghost Map the same company has released the New Orleans Ghost Map App in the iTunes App Store.

With over 60 haunted places for only $1.99 you can go see St. Louis Cemetery #1, LaLaurie Mansion, Faulkner House Books or any other haunted place around New Orleans whenever you want. With so much history and all the fires and floods in the area it’s no wonder so much of the area is haunted.

The New Orleans Ghost Map app is simple and very easy to use. When you load the app you get a map of New Orleans that automatically picks up your location.

You can either wander around downtown New Orleans and click on different buildings or landmarks around you to learn the history.

You can access the turn by turn navigation feature by clicking the ‘Walking Man’ at the top right corner of the app. This way you can walk to the destination at your own pace.

A lot of the haunted places in New Orleans are within walking distance. You can use GPS directions to get to the location of your choice.

You can also click “Places” at the top right hand corner on the map at any time to pick a location to go to without having to hunt for it on the map.

Take a tour of New Orleans on your schedule for under two bucks. You can find it more about it at ScaryNewOrleans.com.

Take a tour of New Orleans on your schedule for under two bucks. You can find it the iTunes App Store or by clicking the icon below.

Halloween will be here before you know it. Why not take a ghost tour in the Crescent City for only $1.99?