This September the sequel to “It” will be released. So you know what that means don’t you? Pennywise fever will be running rampant around Halloween again this year.

After the first film was released in 2017 Pennywise was everywhere and clowns were a hit with consumers. In fact, Spirit Halloween ran out of their 7′ Evil Clown prop in a few weeks. Now with Pennywise returning to the silver screen I expect it to happen all over again.

Trick or Treat Studios is all over it and will be releasing two new Pennywise masks later this year. Earlier today the company posted images to their social media accounts as they prepare for the big unveiling at HauntCon this weekend.

Both masks look incredible but the deluxe mask very well could be the best Pennywise mask I’ve seen. The attention to detail is tremendous. No retail prices have been revealed but I would imagine that the economy mask will run around $49 to $59. The deluxe will likely retail for $59 to $99, if not more. The masks won’t be available until late summer. Typically they will be available for order in late spring or early summer but will not ship until August.

I also have to mention how awesome the teeth are. Whoever designed them spent a lot of time studying Pennywise in the first film and absolutely nailed it. Like the masks the prices are not yet available. If I had to guess the teeth will likely run about $14.99 to $29.99.

HauntCon is only a few days and we can expect to see a lot more cool stuff in the coming days. Stay tuned boys and girls. Halloween 2019 is right around the corner.