Anyone who has been to Savannah, Georgia knows how much fun ghost tours can be. Savannah has been called the most haunted city in America and is rich with history from the American Revolution and the Civil War. On just about every street you can find a building with a story or a square that has a secret.

For as fun as the ghost tours can be in Savannah they can get pretty expensive. Generally they charge $20 to $40 and you only get to see a few places. To make it even worse, you have to walk around town late at night.

Now you can see Savannah on your schedule with the Savannah Ghost Map from Scary . With over 50 haunted places for only $1.99 you can go see Forsyth Park, The Marshall House or any other haunted place in Savannah whenever you want.

The Savannah Ghost Map app is simple and very easy to use. When you load the app you get a map of Savannah that automatically picks up your location.

You can either wander around town and click on different buildings or landmarks around you to learn the history about places like the Shrimp Factory or Espy House.

Navigation is a breeze. Just click the ‘Walking Man’ at the top right corner and follow the turn by turn using built in GPS.

With the exception of Laurel Grove and Bonaventure Cemetery everything in Savannah is within walking distance and you can see most of the town in one day.

Inside the app you can also click “Places” at any time on the map to pick a new location to visit.

Take a tour of Savannah on your schedule for just under two bucks. You can find it the iTunes App Store or buy clicking the icon below.