Walking through Lowes today I stumbled across the Lighted Spooky Tree prop in the seasonal department. Lowes has all of their Halloween items out and there seems to be a lot more things to choose from than the last time I was in the store a few weeks ago. The Lighted Spooky Tree really jumped out at me and stood out from all of the other generic Halloween props I’ve seen all over other stores in the area.

Here’s the Lighted Spooky Tree in action.

I think the Tree has a really good look and the flames look very cool as they burn inside the tree. It really is a good visual when it’s plugged in and working.

However, there are a few things I don’t like. The main thing was the Tree’s size. At just over 26 inches tall it is barely over two feet tall. I think if they added another foot and a half or two feet to it it would be a decoration I might consider. I get that the tree was designed to go indoors but they should’ve made a larger version to put out in the yard too. Can you imagine walking out in the backyard on Halloween and seeing one of these Trees about five feet tall with the flames inside? That would be pretty darn cool.

For $89.99 I think the Tree is overpriced as well. Like I said earlier, had it been larger ninety bucks would be about right. Ultimately it’s really your call as to whether or not you bring the Lighted Spooky Tree home with you. For me, it’s a pass.