Spirit Halloween shows not signs of slowing down as they continue to roll out the new props for 2017. We’ve seen several new animated props pop up on their site this month and now they add their second new clown animatronic this month with Lil Zappy. Hopefully he won’t be the last. There’s still two more weeks left in July!

Lil Zappy lives up to his name by being just over a foot tall and weighs in at two pounds. He has five sayings to terrorize the guests at your Halloween party this year.

“Tick Tock, Tick Tock! Time to Go! Let’s Light ‘Em Up”

“Who’s ready for some real Shock and Awe? He he he he he!”

“Hi! My name is Zappy! I’m Ex-Static to meet you!”

“I feel like there’s some real sparks between us!”

“It’s not my fault that I’m so shocking! I’m just wired that way!”

I’m not sure what to think of Lil Zappy. On one hand I’m a sucker for clown props but I’m afraid he might be a little too small to really make an impact with all the other clowns I have that will be set up in a clown tent in my backyard.

The best way to size up Lil Zappy is to see him up close when Spirit Halloween stores start opening up in a few weeks. I’d really like to see him with my own two eyes to get a better idea of what he can and can’t do. Watching a video isn’t always the best way to size up Halloween props.

I will say that Lil Zappy is reasonably priced at $39.99 In a land of $200+ prop the little clown stands tall with a reasonable price point. But 40 bucks won’t get you a lot of bang for your buck as the prop is only a foot tall.

The best option might be waiting until the day after Halloween to stock up on discount props and Lil Zappy might have to wait until then.