Spirit Halloween shows no signs of stopping this year with the new animated props for Halloween 2017. Earlier today Spirit dropped a teaser video for a new prop that looked like someone swinging on a swing.

Spirit only made us wait 13 hours for the real video and it’s pretty creepy. The new prop is a girl in a swing who is singing a song or talking and then she falls back to reveal her face as a scary zombie girl who wants to eat you.

Menacing Molly has four different sayings to terrorize the guests at your Halloween party this year.

“All alone again. I like being alone. I don’t need friends. (Body flip, screams) Until I need to feed again!”

“Sometimes the other kids look right through me, like I’m not even there. But you know what? (Body flip, screams) I can make them disappear, too!”

“Sometimes I pretend I’m the only kid left in the world. (Body flip, screams) And someday, I won’t be pretending anymore!”

“(Sings) I see dead people, I see ghosts. I see the things that hate you the most! (Body flip, screams)” (this audio plays twice in rotation)

I like the concept of the prop but it doesn’t look very lifelike once she reveals her face. I think the prop would’ve worked better if her head would’ve spun around 180 degrees revealing how creepy and spooky she is. But to each his own. Just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean that you won’t like it and can’t make it work for you Halloween plans this year.

Another turn off for me is the price. At $179.99 I think the animatronic is a little too expensive. That’s not to say that the day after Halloween I wouldn’t scoop her up for half price. But $180 is a lot of money for a prop especially when Spirit has some other props around the same price like the Fogging Basement Doors and the Limb Ripper that I like a little more.

Menacing Molly is sensor activated but can also work with a Step Pad that is pretty much standard with all Halloween props. The prop is 3.5 feet tall and weighs 8 pounds. You will need a tree or something to attach the swing too as well. You don’t want to get the prop then have no where to attach her. That kind of kills the effect if you just sit her in a corner.

Sorry but this one is a pass for me.