We told you last week that a new vulture prop was coming from Spirit Halloween and now it’s here. Today Spirit Halloween officially released the prop on their Youtube account. Check out the video below.

3 Ft Flying Vulture Animatronics – Decor…

This scavenging bird is thirsty for blood! Let this hungry bird be your security system… [More]

Price: $69.99
Sale: $69.99

The prop is almost three tall and has a wing span of just over 5.5 feet long. When activated the vulture’s eyes turn red and his head begins to moves back and forth. The wings also start to move. The prop doesn’t talk but he does squawk and make noise as if he is about to attack. You will need four AA batteries to make the vulture work.

I’m a little torn on this prop. I like the fact that Spirit Halloween went outside the box and tried something new. I’ve never seen a vulture prop before and I like the idea. However, I don’t really think the prop is very scary. It’s a little creepy but when I look at Halloween props the criteria I use is, 1. It has to be scary, 2. It has to be realistic. I’m not sure how realistic the vulture is. However, I do plan on getting a much closer look when Spirit Halloween starts to open their stores in September. I think this prop might be one that looks so-so on a Youtube video but in real life might actually be pretty cool.

One thing I do like is the pricepoint. At $69.99 I think the vulture is reasonably priced. However, Spirit Halloween seems to be labeling every new Halloween prop as “Oversized” this year and charging an additional $20 for shipping in addition to normal shipping costs. The vulture is much smaller than other props like the Pumpking Prowler so it doesn’t make sense to charge more for shipping.

Like most other pre-order Halloween props from Spirit Halloween the vulture will ship in mid-August and will arrive in plenty of time for Halloween.