We told you it was coming a few days ago, and now it’s here. Welcome to the 2018 Spirit Halloween collection the Burlap Horror Scarecrow. He will fit right in with the Spirit Halloween creepy farm theme they are doing this year in stores. Check him out below.

6 Ft Burlap Horror Scarecrow Animatronics …

This horrifying scarecrow is ready for his next victim. His light-up eyes and stitched … [More]

Price: $149.99
Sale: $149.99

The Burlap Horror Scarecrow doesn’t say anything but he does growl and snarl as he stalks his prey. He sounds pretty ferocious and it’s probably better than the BHS doesn’t say anything hokey like other props who say silly things when activated. The animatronic is activated by a sensor but also can be used with a ‘Step Here’ pad.

The BHS stands just over 6’2 and weighs almost thirteen pounds. This prop is so unique and I’m really digging what Spirit Halloween has done with him. He’s not like a typical Halloween animated prop and is pretty unique. He’s a scarecrow but he’s also a butcher too. The bloody smock is a nice touch and I like the fact that he has big hands with sharp talon like fingers. You can’t put the BHS into a box and I think that’s what I like about him. The burlap mask with the big tear in it on his head makes the prop look super menacing.

At $149.99 the BHS is a pretty good value compared to other props Spirit Halloween has put out this year. You know the drill, this prop is also an oversized prop and will set you back and extra $20 in additional to regular shipping and handling charges.

I think the BHS would fit perfectly in a dimly lit shed where you friends can walk in and find him waiting for them. A strobe light would also be a nice touch.

Halloween is a few months away and Spirit Halloween is releasing several new props a week. I wonder what will drop next?