One of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a recent horror movie is the nun in The Conjuring films. Ed and Lorraine Warren have to figure out a way to defeat a demon named Valak who is terrorizing children in the UK. Eventually Lorraine defeats Valak and sends him back to the afterlife. Now fans of the film can have their very own Valak to feature in their haunted houses around Halloween. Poison Props released a new Drop Portrait Nun that is one of the coolest pneumatic props I’ve seen for 2018.

Check out the Drop Portrait Nun in action.

When your guests walk through your haunted house they will enter a room where they see a big picture of a creepy nun hanging on the wall. Then, out of nowhere a nun jumps out at of the picture and tries to attack them! As the prop’s arms and torso lunge out at it’s victim her head turns side to side and moves up and down. Man, talk about scary…

The Drop Portrait Nun will run you $2,150.00–$2,349.00 depending on whether or not you want them to include the audio with the prop. Shipping is an additional $325. This might seem high but Poison Props makes professional, high quality props that are used in haunted houses all over the United States. It’s not a simple Halloween prop you buy at Spirit Halloween. You will need an air compressor to make the Drop Portrait Nun work.

According to Poison Props the Drop Portrait Nun is 40 inches wide x 26 inches deep x 90 inches tall.

For this prop to work best you would need a big, open dark room with a strobe light. I wouldn’t have any other props around it because you want your guests to focus their attention on the picture so when it jumps out at them it scares them to death.

Halloween 2018 is only a few months away. I can’t wait!