Spirit Halloween is starting to show their cards as to what their 2018 lineup for animatronics will be. A few weeks ago they started rolling out older props like Michael Myers and then started to introduce new ones like the Pumpkin Prowler and Nighmare Harvester. Today Spirit introduced a new one called Lost Her Way, and as you can see she has no head.

4.5 Ft Lost Her Way Animatronics – Decorat…

Centuries ago; an unnamed girl was accused of witchcraft by others in her town. She tri… [More]

Price: $129.99
Sale: $129.99

When activated the prop starts moving around and says six different phrases.

“I dragged myself out of the tomb to find my skull and get my revenge. And I will… Oh, I will… (Weeps)”

“This is my fate – in a world of the living, forever. Never to sleep, never to find peace… (Weeps)”

“Can you help me? I can’t see… (Weeps)”

“I am surrounded by death and pain and darkness. Wherever I go is the wrong direction. Am I never to be whole again? (Weeps)”

“Is anyone there? (Weeps) Hello, is anyone there? (Weeps)”

“They were witch hunters. They tried to kill me, but failed. So they chopped off my head and took it. But I cannot see…nor hear. (Weeps)”

I have to admit, when I first saw Lost Her Way I thought she was pretty darn cool. Then when I watched the video and heard her say some really hokey phrased I lost interest. I do want to check her out up close and see what she looks like. It’s possible to clip the speaker wires and put a wireless speaker inside her gown. I’ve streamed music and audio to other props that I thought needed some help before.

Lost Her Way runs on four AA batteries and is triggered by a sensor hidden in her gown.

At $129.99 I fell like the headless animated prop is reasonable priced. Like most props Lost Her Way is considered an oversized prop and is subject to an additional $20 for shipping.

Right now I think I will pass on Lost Her Way but I will be giving her a second look when Spirit Halloween stores open in September.