Everyone loves dogs right? They are man’s best friend. Well, leave it to Spirit Halloween to go and twist that all around and make a new Halloween prop featuring Bubba, the not so friendly dog. Here is Spirit Halloween’s latest creation for 2018, Man’s Possessed Friend. Check out the video below.

2.8 Ft Man’s Possessed Friend Animatroni…

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Price: $159.99
Sale: $159.99

When activated Bubba the possessed dog will start barking and spring from his doghouse in your direction. The animated prop is activated by motion or sound and is step pad compatible.

I’m really torn on his prop. I think a possessed dog is going to be a hit. I think this will be a really well received prop due to the scare factor of a dog that is about to attack. There is nothing more nerve racking than walking by a dog you think is friendly only for him to growl and show his teeth to you as if he will attack.

The dog’s head is very realistic and looks like an actual dog. I can only imagine how lifelike it will be when it’s dark. The teeth look sharp and the dog is very menacing.

The downside is that prop doesn’t do a lot. Yes it’s creepy and a dog jumping out of a doghouse is scary. However, you only see the head and his mouth doesn’t move when he is barking. I know that is a nit-picky way of looking at the animatronic dog but it is a small complaint I have.

At $159.99 Man’s Possessed Friend is a little pricey. I don’t think that will discourage many people from snagging him online or in stores when they see him up close. Like all other animated props this year Man’s Possessed Friend is considered an oversized prop. You know what that means…

Halloween is almost here and the props look great. I can only imagine what the 2019 props will look like.