Ever since “It” dominated the box office last September everywhere you look someone putting their spin on Pennywise and other clowns and selling them online. We’ve seen masks, props and costumes of “The Dancing Clown” popping up on every Halloween site. With so many clown options at your fingertips a lot of them start to look the same. But when I recently stumbled across ShatteredFX’s mew premium silicone mask I was blown away at how good of a job they had done. The new mask is called “Soulless The Clown” and it really had people buzzing at Transworld last month in St. Louis.

Check out a video of the the Soulless mask from ShatteredFX’s Instagram account.

The first thing I noticed about the new Soulless mask was the buck teeth and the mouth. They look very similar to Pennywise from “It”. When I looked a little closer I noticed the jaw and the cheek bones were right on as well. The attention to detail is amazing with the mask. Most mask makers cut corners and only put a little hair on their masks or try to make plastic look like hair. Not ShatteredFX, they went all out with this creation and really tried to make their creation stand out.

The Soulless mask is a variation of ShatteredFX’s BoBo the Clown Mask that is very well done. ShatteredFX modified the mask by rounding out some facial features and making the forehead a little bigger.

The Soulless mask starts at $649. For that price you get a bald mask with no hair. You can add hand punched auburn or orange hair for an additional $300. For $250 you can get a wig in the back and hand punched hair on the side. Other hair colors and variations of the teeth are also available for $350. Like all of their other masks you have them customized to fit your needs.

ShatteredFX masks are made with a high quality medical grade silicone. That’s how they move so well with your face and seem like a second skin. Their masks aren’t mass produced and each one is meticulously painted and hand made by professional artists. Shattered FX is so confident in their work they offer a free lifetime warranty on their products. That’s unheard of in the Halloween industry.

For more info on the Soulless mask check out ShatteredFX.com. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow ShatteredFX on Instagram to see what other creepy creations they come up with.