I’ve seen a lot of creepy clown masks over the years. Last year when “It” dominated the box office it seemed like every reputable Halloween store was carrying something new in the clown department. I’d thought I had seen everything until last weekend when I stumbled across one of the nastiest clown masks I’d ever seen on Instagram.

The mask in the picture is from the guys over at Cellar Door FX. That creation is their own twisted take on Pennywise, the clown from “It”. Cellar Door FX’s new mask is called “The Dancing Clown” and it’s downright scary. Most of the Pennywise masks you see on the market are PG and play it pretty safe. Cellar Door FX went all in, heading into PG-13 to R territory with that mask. Did you see all those teeth? Even though Pennywise promised, “You’ll float too” I would imagine you would sink from all the holes in your skin after he took a bite.

“The Dancing Clown” is available as a full head latex wearable mask, or as a foam filled display piece. The mask can be made into a half mask with straps if the full masks make you feel a little claustrophobic. There are two different variations of “The Dancing Clown” mask that Cellar Door FX offers. Both are now available in CellarDoor’s site for $175. If you want the display it will only cost you $25 more and cost only $200.

Based out of Brevard, North Carolina Cellar Door FX specializes in custom masks, props, costumes for Halloween. In addition to “The Dancing Clown” they have a lot of other creepy creations you won’t find at big box stores like Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween this fall.

Be sure to follow Cellar Door FX on Facebook and Instagram. Also take some time to head over to their website to check out with all the creepy stuff they are churning out.