Everybody loves toddlers at Halloween. They are so cute dressed up in their little Halloween costumes running around eating candy. How can you not love them? After seeing Scare Products latest creation I no longer feel that way. This creepy toddler with a yellow stain running down his leg will pee on you as you walk in front of him. That’s a different kind of terror that I haven’t seen before and it completely works. It’s not scary but it is without a doubt the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Toddler Terror was introduced on Scare Products’ Facebook page earlier this month and it’s wonderfully creepy. Check it out.

Here is a video of the Toddler Terror in action from Transworld in St. Louis.

There are three Toddler Terror’s to choose from, Lil’ Sloth is the one featured above that has the ability to pee on you. There is also Lil’ Knox who squirts water from his bottle and Lil’ Kim who pukes on anyone and everyone around her. All three props are 36 inches tall but have normal adult size head, feet and arms. That really makes the Toddlers look especially creepy.

When looking at new Halloween merchandise a lot of it starts to run together after a while. Zombies, witches, werewolves and clowns are everywhere, and rightfully so. All of those genres are really popular when Halloween rolls around every year and are proven to sell merchandise. But when I saw the Toddler Terror from Scare Products I thought, ‘This is genius’. Imagine having one of the Toddler Terrors in a dimly lit room at your Halloween party. When someone walks in they get sprayed and instantly creeped out. They might just leave and you will never hear from them again.

The Toddler Terrors cost $599 each or you can buy all three for the discounted price of $1,699. That might sound like a lot of money but Scare Product makes high quality props that are used in haunted houses all over the United States. In addition to the Toddler Terrors you can also purchase a baby powder scent pop cartridge for $54.99 which sounds like a great idea if you want that authentic baby smell. A Toddler Terror audio track is also available for $29.99.

For more info be sure to check out ScareProducts.com and like them on Facebook.

Halloween isn’t too far away. I can’t wait to see what other new stuff comes out in the next few months.