Everybody loves the movie “Big” where Tom Hanks visits an animatronic fortune teller named Zoltar and has his wish granted to become big. Now you can have your very own fortune teller for your Halloween party this year with Zultan from Lowes.

Here’s a video of the prop in action.

When activated a gong sounds and creepy carnival music begins to play. Zultan’s eyes turn yellow and his crystal turns different colors as he moves his hands around it. Then the animated fortune teller says one of the following phrases.

“You have called upon the awesome powers of the all seeing Zultan. I shall consult my mystical crystal. Yes, yes, I see. No, no, beware. Beware! No! Ha ha ha ha. The Great Zultan slumbers…..”

“Ha ha ha ha! the greatest of the all seeing, Zultan is required. I will delve deeply into your future. What lies ahead? Hmmm… Ahhh…. I see victory, celebration, success. You are a lucky soul. Ha ha ha ha… The Great Zultan invites you to meet again soon.”

“Once again the all seeing Zultan must consult the spirit world to reveal what is yet to come. You are thinking of something. I see it. The answer is not what you would think, nor hope. Beware! The Great Zultan sees what is to be. Use this knowledge wisely.”

Zultan stands approximately 5’4 feet tall and is 2.5 feet wide.

I think Lowes will have no problem selling through these props this year. Fortune teller animatronics don’t come out every year so I imagine there will be a demand since we hadn’t seem one in a while. Last year Target put out a smaller skeleton fortune teller but it wasn’t very popular.

At $149.99 Zultan is reasonably priced and inline with other props the same size from other retailers like Spirit Halloween.

I like this prop and would like to add him to my collection. The only thing that gives me pause is the yellow eyes. I hate props that have lights in the eyes. I feel it takes away from the realism of the animated prop and makes it look silly. However, you can always cut the wires inside the skull that make the eyes light up. I might even consider finding a mask to make the face look more realistic too. However, if you set Zultan up outside where it is dark he will be hard to see and trying to make his face look more life-like might be a big waste of time.