Just when you think Spirit Halloween has rolled out all of their Halloween props for 2018 and stolen the show Home Depot rolls in and unveils the coolest werewolf prop I’ve seen all year. Who doesn’t love a cool animatronic werewolf? I think we all know the answer. Check out the video below.

The Crouching Werewolf is 63 inches long and is pretty realistic. When activated the werewolf’s mouth opens and he begins to howl at whoever is around him.

What makes the Crouching Werewolf so cool is that he’s not your typical werewolf prop. It seems like ever year someone puts out a werewolf that is wearing a bunch of tattered clothing. Usually his shirt and pants are ripped up and it looks like the werewolf is in the middle of changing from a man to a wolf. Not this guy. The Crouching Werewolf is all the way there and has already shed his clothes. The prop looks like he is about to pounce and ready to bite into someone’s neck.

The fact that the Crouching Werewolf doesn’t look like other werewolf prop makes him a must-own. The only downside is the price tag is a little high. At $179.99 the Crouching Werewolf won’t come cheap. However when you compare the werewolf animatronic to Michael Myers from Spirit Halloween you are looking at saving $80 by picking up the werewolf.

Last year Home Depot rolled out the 7′ Gray Werewolf and they sold out just before Halloween. I got several emails this year asking if they were going to bring him back and according to Home Depot’s website it looks like they did. However, with the Crouching Werewolf you now have to make a tough decision on which animated prop to get unless you want to add them both to your collection.

You can buy the prop from HomeDepot.com and save on shipping by having it delivered to the store for pickup.