Just when I thought I had seen the coolest new Halloween animatronic for 2019 Distortions Unlimited had to go and make me rethink things. Earlier today the company officially unveiled their latest creation, Chained Fury via Youtube.

Chained Fury is awesome! This guy is so well done and holds true to my mantra, “Less means more”. A lot of times you see props that try to do a lot of different things when all you really need is for a prop to do one thing really well. Chained Fury jerks around violently as he tries to break away from the chains holding him back for your protection.

The new Distortions Unlimited creation is a pneumatic prop and does require an air compressor to work properly. Chained Fury stands just over six feet tall and is very realistic. This prop would likely work best in a very dark room with a strobe light or a flashing light of some kind shining up on his face.

The only drawback to the animated prop is the price point. Chained Fury will set you back $3,575 before shipping. But you have to keep in mind that Distortions Unlimited is not your standard prop manufacturer that mass produces a bunch of cheap props. Props from Distortions Unlimited can be found in some of the premier haunted houses all over the country. Their stuff is much higher but the quality is top notch.

Halloween is coming! Get ready!