Just when you thought you had seen the last of the Halloween props from HauntCon we keep rolling them out. This time we have one of the creepiest props I saw in New Orleans, the Rocking Ducky Doll. We have seen a lot of the creepy doll props over the past few years and I believe that this one might be the best yet.

I have to start off by saying that I am really not a fan of the creepy doll props. For some reason they dont do much for me. However, with that being said, this one is kind of unassuming and I think that is why it is so creepy. The doll is not what really makes this prop in my opinion. I think the rubber ducky is what puts this animatronic over the top.

If you could have the Rocking Ducky Doll in a dark room with some dim lights behind her you could really freak some people out this year at your Halloween party. The glowing red eyes would really creep people out as she begins to rock back and forth.

Retail price for the Rocking Ducky Doll will likely be around $149 to $170 depending on which retailer you find the prop. The prop could be cheaper online, however, when you factor in shipping costs you likely will be spending the same amount, maybe even more. We will know more about the price when the animatronic goes on sale sometime this summer.

Fall will be here soon!