Spirit Halloween continues to roll out new items for the 2019 lineup. Today we finally got to see the Graveyard Ghoul. This guy is pretty pretty creepy and would look great in any kind of cemetery you make for your home haunt. Check out the prop in action.

When activated the Graveyard Ghoul begins to move around a tombstone and says the following phrases:

“You can run, but you can never hide.”

“I’m always watching you.”

“I’m hunting you.”

At $129.99 the Graveyard Ghoul is one of the more affordable props from Spirit this year. If you use our promo code (19SPIRITA7) you can get him for around $100 before shipping and handling charges.

I personally like the Ghoul and think he would look great in my backyard amongst all the other tombstones I always put out for my cemetery scene. The prop is pretty simple but that’s what I like about him. Sometimes prop makers overthink things but the Graveyard Ghoul does exactly what he’s supposed to do-creep out people. You don’t want every tombstone to do something but the one random one that has someone peeking out behind it is a great idea.

Spirit Halloween has been on a roll lately bringing out new props just about every single days. Be sure to check out our Animatronic Halloween Store to see what’s new for 2019!

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