Home Depot has gotten pretty ambitious with the Halloween props. It seems like every year they raise their game and this might be their best year yet. The centerpiece of the 2019 collection is the Headless Horseman prop made by Home Accents. If you haven’t seen their latest monstrous animatronic check out the video below.

This guy us ginormous. The headless horseman stands right at 7’2 feet tall and is almost three foot wide. When activated the animatronic says one of several different phrases.

“I seek vengeance for the ones who took my head and left me in that shallow grave. Revenge is a meal best served cold, ha ha ha.. I suggest you not stand in my way!”

“Ah, it is only you. Allow me to light your way with my jack-o-lantern head…”

“Have you seen my real head lying around? I didn’t think so. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dismal place like this.”

“My faithful stead is getting restless.We have searched for my head in this barren land for many years and our frustrations are reaching a fever pitch. This desolate place is good for no one so run for your life and do not look back!”

“When the wind keeps you up at night then you hear what you think is the sound of the clacking of the trees.Don’t believe what your parents tell you, for it is I riding in the dark.”

What I like best about the prop is that the horse’s front legs move up and down. His head also moves. In addition to that the horse also makes noises and sounds like he is alive. I’ve seen a few Headless Horsemen props over the years but this one might be the best.

At $249.99 the Headless Horseman doesn’t come cheap. However, if you are patient Home Depopt has a tendency to start marking down their Halloween props once the Christmas stuff arrives in early October. If you can wait until late October you might be able to grab him for at least 50% off, if not more.

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