Home Depot has quietly put together a string of Halloween’s where they have really raised their game. Last year’s Crouching Werewolf was really impressive and unlike most werewolf props you see in October. This year they have put a spin on the werewolf and have something unlike any I have seen in recent memory, a white werewolf. Here is a video if you have not seen it yet.

When activated the werewolf begins moving from side to side and he begins to growl ferociously.

I’m actually impressed with the White Werewolf. To see it online is one thing, but up close, is something completely different. When you first see the White Werewolf and walk up to it, it is super-imposing. Standing at seven feet tall the prop is a lot bigger than most props you see at Home Depot.

What I like about the werewolf is that it is white. A white werewolf is much different than most on the market. Typically werewolves are brown or black. The white really pops when you see it and the werewolf really stands out.

At $199.99 the White Werewolf is a pretty expensive prop. Like Lowes Home Depot tends to get in a hurry to unload their Halloween stuff in early October to make room for Christmas. Last year I was able to pick up the Crouching Werewolf from Home Depot that retailed for $179.99 for $40 just because they had to clear the sales floor because they needed to empty the Christmas items from the backroom.

I rate the White Werewolf 4 out of 5 five stars. He’s not the best prop I’ve seen this year. But he’s not that bad either, especially for a Home Depot animatronic.

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