Of all the Halloween animatronics I saw at HauntCon 2020 Candy Creeper was my favorite. There’s just something about a creepy old man with bushy eyebrows that is a little scary as it is. Then you add in the way he’s trying to draw you in with a lollipop in order to bash you on the head, that’s pretty terrifying. If you haven’t seen the Candy Creeper please check out the video below. You are going to love him.

Like I said, the Candy Creeper is really well done. He’s not 7 feet tall like some of the other props I saw but he doesn’t need to be. I think what makes him really cool is the fact that he’s hiding the sledgehammer. It’s not the first thing you see. It just shows how devious the Creeper really is. I also like the fact that he isn’t a clown or a zombie. A crazy old man is different and really stands out after so many clowns have been rushed to market to keep up with the demand for the genre that Peenywise created when the first “It” remake came out a few years ago.

Unlike some of the other props I saw at HauntCon the Candy Creeper isn’t too pricey. While the price will vary by retailer you can expect him to sell from $249 to $299. When you factor in shipping costs the Creeper isn’t cheap but he is much more affordable than the Pale Rider horseman prop that is going to set you back $400+.

We won’t know for sure the exact cost until the summertime or even which retailer will be offering the Candy Creeper. If I had to guess you will likely find him at Halloween Express and other franchise Halloween stores. I don’t know if Spirit Halloween will pick him up for their fall lineup but he would be an excellent choice if they did.