The day after Halloween is the best time to go shopping for discounted Halloween props. Three years ago I went into Rite Aid and saw a 6′ Grim Reaper sitting on the shelf. They had several of them and I couldn’t believe that no one had picked him up. He had been priced at $89 but was marked down half price to $44.50. Since it was the day after Halloween I asked the manager if there was anything they could do and he told me he could take 50% off the sale price bringing the Reaper down to $22.50. I couldn’t pass it up and brought him home.

The Reaper is really tall and comes in just over 6′. I had very little trouble putting him together. The only problem I had with him where the cheap batteries that the manufacturer put in him that died after a day or two. Now I have some Energizers in him and he works great.

The Rite Aid Reaper has two sayings, both are a little cheesy. When I say little cheesy, I really mean a lot cheesy.

“I know that you’re dying for some candy. Take all you want. It is for you… Not that much! Hahahahaha”

“Trick or treat. Candy is for taking, if you dare!”

Since the Reaper is scary until he opens his mouth I usually keep him in the back of the cemetery. That way he can look ominous without the hokey phrases that will kill his scary gimmick.

I can’t really complain. The Grim Reaper is a pretty cool animated prop that only set me back just over $20. There are some pretty cool Reapers that move and lunge at you but for what he is and what he does the Rite Aid reaper is a great value and always delivers at my Halloween parties.