We’ve seen a lot of new Halloween props in recent weeks from Home Depot and Spirit Halloween. Now Target is starting to get in on the action. Despite not having props available to purchase on their site Target has released their 2017 lineup. This year they are featuring several themes: Nocturne Collection, Mad Lab Collection, Day of the Dead Collection, Fall Harvest Collection, Stories in the Dark Collection, Skeletons & Tombstones Collection and the Hyde and Eek! Boutique.

Most of the items from Target this year are pretty much the same stuff they roll out every year. One item though, jumped out at me and caught my attention. The Skeleton Fortune Teller is an indoor prop that Target will be offering this year for Halloween 2017. The prop is only $99.00. It plugs into the wall and is almost 3 feet tall at 19.48 inches x 33.86 inches x 7.08 inches, The Skeleton Fortune Teller weighs just over 7 pounds.

I can’t say for certain because there is no video of the animatronic in action but it looks like he talks. There is a “Push” button on the box the Skeleton Fortune Teller is in and I’m assuming he gives you some kinds of morbid fortune when the button is pressed.

I think the skeleton looks pretty cool. But to be honest, I’m not a guy who has skeletons lying around at his Halloween party. What intrigues me the most is the fact that I could probably get a mask of an old man and use that to make him more realistic. You can get a mask and some gloves to cover his hands on eBay for $20 or $30. I really want to see the prop up close before I decide to drop $100 on a fortune teller. But of all the props I have accumulated over the years I do not have a fortune teller in my collection. If I can get one and jazz him up myself to look more lifelike, it’s definitely something I will consider this year.

I will have some time to think about the Skeleton Fortune Teller because according to Target.com it’s not available to ship until September 1. That’s a little late in the game to start shipping compared to Spirit Halloween who will start shipping out their new items in August.