You have to hand it to the folks at Spirit Halloween, they are rolling out tons of new animatronics for 2017. I knew they were going to have some new items this year when they had that huge clearance sale earlier this month. Typically when you see a big sale like that the retailer is clearing out inventory to make room for new items in their warehouse. Since the first of July Spirit has unveiled the Evil Eye Book, Toe Tagged Corpse, Sitting Scare Clown, Fogging Basement Doors and the High Voltage Zombie animatronics. Today they released a video of their newest prop on their Youtube channel of the the Cryo Chamber Corpse.

The prop is also available on

Here is the video.

My first thought on the new prop was that the Cryo Chamber looked pretty awesome. Then when the guy jumped out he didn’t look very realistic. Not every prop is going to be a homerun that Spirit puts out but I’m sure there will be people who love it and can make it work for what they want to do with their haunted houses and Halloween parties all over the country. I tend to stay away from aliens and biohazard stuff when I set my props up for Halloween. I stick to clowns, witches, zombies and other scary animatronics for my yard.

With that being said, I think the prop has potential. The Cryo Chamber looks fantastic and it’s possible you could get a zombie mask from eBay or a Halloween store and make him look more lifelike.

The prop is activated by a sensor but he can also be triggered by a step pad which isn’t included. It weighs nine pounds so it’s pretty easy to move and set up wherever you think it will have the most impact.

I will check this prop out when Spirit opens one of their big box stores around me. I’m thinking it’s going to be a pass for now but I might have interest if I can find it discounted after Halloween. That’s typically the time I swoop in and buy animated props I’m on the fence on.