Halloween is almost here folks! Home Depot has started to put out their new Halloween props on their website and they have some exciting new dinosaur props for 2017. They have a nine foot tall T-Rex that appears to be the cream of the crop. Home Depot is also offering a 17 in. triceratops as well as an Animated Hatching T-Rex Egg.

The T-Rex is available on Amazon.com too.

The T-Rex does make sounds to speak the kids at Halloween and would look cool in the yard. But make sure you don’t show up in a small car to pick up the prop from you local Home Depot. The box is approximately 40x25x30 and weighs over 50 pounds. You may need to borrow your uncle’s pickup truck and need to get someone to help you bring him into the garage.

Last year Home Depot rolled out a skeleton horse for 2016. The prop could be easily converted into a Headless Horseman prop if you had a prop that was missing his head. I’d imagine you could have fun with a T-Rex skeleton turning him into a dragon from Game of Thrones with a few minor tweaks.

The props are for sale immediately online, unfortunately the new animatronics can’t be shipped to your house. If you want one of the props you will have to have it shipped to your local Home Depot.

The only downside to the really cool T-Rex skeleton prop is that it will set you back $299.00. That’s a lot of money. But then again, if you think it’s worth it and would enjoy having him around the yard during Halloween maybe you need to dig out the charge card and put him on it. You could also try to wait closer to Halloween to see if they reduce the price. I visited my local store a few days before Halloween to find that they have reduced the props by 30%. After Halloween they went to 50% and 75% off. Ultimately it’s your decision on when to pull the trigger.