If you are like me you are running out of room around the yard and house for the big, lifesize Halloween animatronics that come out every year. Spirit must’ve heard my cries and finally introduced a really cool smaller prop that can be used on a table inside the living room. I tend to keep most of the big animated props outside for my Halloween party but this one will make the inside more creepy. Check out the Evil Eye Spell Book now available at Amazon.com.

This animated prop is exactly what it says it is. It’s a book with a big creepy eye on it. It’s made of plastic and only weighs two pounds. It is easy to move around until you find the perfect place for it. The book runs on 3 AA batteries, which aren’t typically included.

The Evil Eye Book has three unique sayings.

“Eyeeeee can see you…Eyee can see into you…and eyeee can see that you want to escape your tragic existence. I have just the spell for you! Hahahaha!”

“They say the eye is the window to the soul. And what good is a window—without the pain? Go ahead…keep staring at my eye and you will soon find out what that means…”

“Read any good books lately? I am the book that reads you. Come closer and I will reveal the evil that hides in your soul.”

I like this prop, especially since it’s so affordable. For $39.99 you will have a hard time find a reason not bringing this book home for Halloween. It’s available at Spirit.com but won’t ship until early August. I haven’t seen this prop up close but from the video it does look pretty neat. I will want to look at it up close once my local Spirit Halloween store finally opens in a few weeks but I’m pretty sure this one will be a fine addition to my collection.