Spirit Halloween has been reducing prices in the past two weeks to clear out excess inventory to make room for new props for 2017. Since the beginning of July Spirit has introduced the Hi-Voltage Zombie, Fogging Basement Doors and the Sitting Scare Clown. Today they unveiled the Toe Tagged Corpse to add to their already impressive crop of new props this year.

The prop is reasonably priced at $119.99 at Spirit Halloween. It only weighs nine pounds so it should be pretty easy to move around. Unlike most Halloween animatronics this prop doesn’t say anything. But then again, most dead bodies don’t say much. It would add a little if the prop was groaning or moaning as it rose up. I think that would make it seem more lifelike but I’m pleased with what I saw in the video that was released today.

I like the concept of the prop. It doesn’t do much but it doesn’t really need to. I’m not a fan of props that have lights for eyes either. I guess it is a good idea if you are in a dimly lit room but I always thought the effect looked silly and not very realistic. The prop is motion and sound activated and would look pretty cool lying around in the back yard when your friends come over for Halloween. I’m more partial to the body under the white sheet than the alien in the orange one.

I’m definitely going to check this prop out when my local Spirit Halloween store opens in a few weeks. For $120 bucks I might even bring him home. If I do wait and get him for half-price on November 1 that would be considered a steal.

I’m really getting excited for Halloween and Spirit has shown that they are stepping up their game by releasing so many new products this month and offering great deals on closeout props.