All around the country drug stores are starting to put out Halloween candy but all we really want to know is is when Spirit Halloween is going to open their doors for the 2017 Halloween season. Now we have an answer as Spirit replied to a customer on Twitter over the weekend spilling the beans as to when the doors will open on their big box stores around the United States.

Just because it says the stores are expected to be open by Labor Day doesn’t mean they won’t open earlier. Last year I heard of stores opening in late August. This year Labor Day falls on September 4 so we can expect to see locations opening their doors in four weeks or so.

Halloween Express hasn’t updated their website or Twitter to reveal any information about when they will open their stores. Both Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween’s websites are open year ’round and you can always find the latest props and costumes there.

Big box Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express aren’t always in the same locations as the year before. Desperate landlords will cut sweetheart deals with store franchisees in order to fill an empty location for a few months. Instead of having an empty building they can bank on rent for two to three months. To find the location of your nearest store you will have to look on each store’s website.

Spirit revealed the location of one store in Ohio on their Twitter page. It will be on 1105 N Court St. Medina, Ohio. If you live in a major city there is a pretty good chance you will have a Spirit Halloween store close to you. Spirit Halloween has promised to announce their 2017 locations by August 15th according to their website.