10. 7′ Evil Clown
This guy could be ranked higher but he’s a new prop and I haven’t actually seen him in person. If he is as cool as the videos and pictures I’ve seen this 7′ Evil Clown will be featured prominently at my Halloween parties for years to come.

9. Gemmy Whipstitch Killer Clown
This is an older prop but it’s still plenty creepy. It’s hard to find and when you do come across one on eBay it’s going to cost you a grand or two.

8. Giggles the Clown
When it comes to creepy clowns they come in all shapes and sizes. But when it comes to the little people dressed up like clowns there is something terrifying about it. Then when you see one rocking back and forth laughing at you it takes it to an all new scary level.

7. Mini Mean the Chainsaw Clown
What’s scarier than a little clown with a chainsaw? Mini Mean is the second little clown on our list. There’s just something about little people dressed up as clowns that freaks everybody out. Give them a chainsaw and it’s game, set, match. The only downside is that the prop is fairly expensive.

6. Creepy Clown Prop
This guy is from the 2014 Creepy Collection catalog. He’s so realistic that I’m not sure I’d want him in my collection. But that’s what makes him so great. When your friends come over for your Halloween party Creepy is just the guy I want them to see and think about on their way home at night.

5. Bending Clown Reacher

My God, if this clown doesn’t scary you to death something is wrong with you. Imagine walking through a dark room and suddenly a light comes on and a clown jumps out at you. This guy does the trick.
4. Creepy Collection Bedroom Clown
Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing this guy at the foot of your bed. Just like the other clowns from Creepy Collection on the list the Bedroom Clown is top notch and so realistic.The craftsmanship on their props are top notch and so well done. This clown is from their 2015 collection and only gets better with time.

3. Pogo
Pogo the clown is one of the creepiest clowns I’ve ever seen. He looks like Guillermo del Toro’s take of Bozo the Clown. Not only is he really scary but he’s also eating ice cream. When you think of a terrifying clown who eats children’s brains for dinner you don’t think about how him luring them in with a ice cream cone. Pogo’s long green fingernails match his long green hair making him one of the scariest props I’ve ever seen.

2. Hell Clown Tattoo 2
If you think Clowns are scary just wait until you see this guy. A tatted up bad ass clown in a whole new level of scary. The guys over at Creepy Collection know how to churn out some really cool clown props and this guy is one of my favorites because of how unique he is.

1. Honky the Clown

Honky the Clown is one of my favorite animatronics of all time. He doesn’t do a lot but what he does, he does really well. Upon walking up to Honky you hear him honking his horn and then he starts laughing. He doesn’t have a bunch of creepy sayings it’s just laughter and the horn. A lot of prop makers try to make their animatronics scary by programming in a bunch of silly sayings. Honky doesn’t do that and that’s why he’s so good. He has been around for several years and has come down in price since rolling out about four years ago. If you can find Honky for $150 or so pick him up. You’ll be glad you did.

Honorable mention
Unit 70 Chainsaw Clown
This guy is pretty awesome. He’s a static prop but looks so realistic. I’d love to have him in my collection

Pennywise from IT
This guy is a little hokey and I’m hoping that they roll out a new animated prop to go with the movie that comes out later this year.