If you had your heart set on the 7′ tall Evil Clown Grimsli the Great at Spirit Halloween you are in luck. After running out of the popular Halloween animatronic Spirit Halloween has it back in stock just in time for Christmas.

Spirit Halloween had a rush on the clown prop after “It” was released in theaters in September causing fans of the film to buy all of their inventory a month before Halloween. Unfortunately for all the customers who wanted to add the prop to their collection Spirit Halloween never got any more inventory in before October 31. I received several messages from people all over the country who were looking to buy the prop after the only ones you could find where on eBay for $400-$500.

Here’s a video of the Towering Evil Clown animated prop in action.

Grimsli says the following phrases,

“I’m starting a new juggling act. I’ll need a hand from one of you. And a head, and a foot – oh any part will do hahahaha!”

“I’m looking for someone to play hide and seek with. You go hide and I’ll come find you hahaha! Start running!”


The Clown is only available for pre-order as the prop is still not in stock just yet. However, it will ship in early December so you will have it in time for Christmas Eve or Christmas to if under your Christmas tree.

I was told by someone in the Halloween prop industry that animated props are actually popular items for Christmas. Customers go into Halloween stores with their significant others in September and October and see something they like but not get it. Their wife or husband will make a mental note and come back in December to pick it up for them and give it to them for Christmas.