I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the Haunted Vacuum cleaner Spirit Halloween rolled out back in July. Sure, a vacuum cleaner that runs on it’s own is pretty neat but I wasn’t too sure it was spooky. I’ll have to admit, the Haunted Vacuum was actually a lot of fun.

Here it is in action.

As much as my wife and I enjoyed the Haunted Vacuum my dog hated it. Anytime it would start up my dog would start howling.

The Vacuum is pretty easy to assemble. It comes in five parts that take very little time to put together. The hardest part of putting the prop together is putting the batteries in. To do that you have to unscrew a very small screw with a Phillips head screwdriver under the vacuum. Then, remove a plastic piece to insert the four AA batteries. It’s not that difficult but if your eye site isn’t that great it can be a little tricky. Also, the manufator recommends that you don’t mix new and old batteries.

To activate the prop you turn the power on under the vacuum by the batteries. Once you have it powered on you can activate the Haunted Vacuum by making a loud noise or by bumping into it.

When the vacuum is activated it starts playing some music and you hear a creepy woman laughing. The bag inside the vacuum will change colors as it rolls around the floor.

For only $39.99 I think the Haunted Vacuum is reasonably priced. For forty buck you get a fun animated Halloween prop that is family-friendly and is something for kids of all ages. A lot of props from Spirit Halloween are pretty spooky and not really for small children. The Haunted Vacuum isn’t going to scare them, in fact, the kids at my Halloween party had fun chasing it around my kitchen even though the instructions clearly stated that the prop wasn’t recommended for children under 3 years of age.

The Haunted Vacuum gets two thumbs up. It’s an inexpensive Halloween prop that is a lot of fun and is something that can be used in any room of the house. The only drawback for the vacuum is that it doesn’t roll very well on carpet. But if you have it on a flat surface it will go all night.

Make sure you grab the Haunted Vacuum for your next Halloween party. You will be glad that you did.