Halloween 2017 is hardly in the books and Unit 70 Studios is already gearing up for next year. Normally we don’t get a look at props until the trade shows gear up in January at the Halloween Party Expo. Well, the guys over at Unit 70 threw us a bone and put up a picture of the first new prop for 2018. The Melting Scientist is the first unofficial official Halloween prop for 2018.

A scientist in a hazmat suit watching half of his arm melt off under his glove as his face disentagrates due to something toxic is pretty creepy. I’ve seen a lot of haunted houses in the past few years doing some really cool things with toxic waste scenes, or having a toxic waste theme altogether. Anyone who adds the Melting Scientist to their attraction will definitely be impressing their customers next year

I’m really impressed with the prop and Unit 70 Studios for their efforts. You can’t really tell if the prop does anything or is an animatronic. Whether it’s an animated prop or not I think the Melting Scientist is amazing and as always the guys at Unit 70 Studios always pay a lot of attention to details. Their props aren’t cheap and usually start just under $1,000 and can run up into the five digits. If you can afford their products you won’t be disappointed with their props as they are used in the best haunted houses all over the country.

You can check out Unit 70 Studios website for more info on the Melting Scientist or other cool Halloween props they’ve done in recent years.