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Now that July 4th has come and gone people who love Halloween are starting to get excited for October. We are a little over three months away from the big day and people are starting to get curious about what new items are available for 2019. You can always visit Spirit Halloween’s website or you can wait for the stores to open. But when do Spirit Halloween stores open? Well, it’s not that simple.

Each store is unique and is usually owned by a franchisee in different cities. A store in Nashville, Tennessee may not open on the same day as a store in Dallas, Texas. Sometimes the stores aren’t even in the same locations as the previous year. Typically franchisees rent empty big box locations around malls or large shopping centers where there is a lot of existing foot traffic. If a store like Bed Bath and Beyond has closed down the owner of the shopping center will likely be inclined to rent the space to a Spirit Halloween franchisee just to make some money if only for a few months. Spirit Halloween stores tend to open in early September and are open until the first day or two of November when they shut down. Some Spirit Halloween franchisees start their leases in late July or early August to begin setting up the stores. However, some don’t begin to set up until late August. There are a lot of moving parts.

You can find a list of stores on SpiritHalloween.com on August 1. But just because they are listed on the site doesn’t mean they are open yet.

If you want to know when Spirit Halloween locations are open just check their website throughout August, September, and October. They do a good job of keeping things updated so you can stay informed.

However, with that being said, some items are exclusive to SpiritHalloween.com . It’s already been announced that Cerberus, the three headed dog will be a website exclusive so he won’t be in stores. Often times the most popular props sell out quickly. I remember a manager at a location in middle Tennessee telling me in 2017 that he ran out of all the 7′ Evil Clown props a few days after they opened because “It” came out in the movie theaters and everyone wanted clown props. The sequel drops in September so I expect a run on clown props again this year. If you want to get ahead of the curve buy your props early on the website. Last year I wanted the creepy Double Trouble prop. Unfortunately it sold fairly quickly I never got the chance to add them to my collection.

Check out SpiritHalloween.com or visit our Animatronic Halloween Store to see what is new for 2019.

Also, keep checking back to AnimatronicHalloween.com for news and reviews. Halloween is just around the corner.