UPDATE: The American Horror Story masks are now available on Amazon.com

American Horror Story has been one of the hottest shows on TV for years. Now with Trick or Treat Studios producing masks like those worn on the show you can dress up like your favorite character for Halloween. Last year in American Horror Story: Cult we were introduced to a lot of great masks worn by those in Kai Anderson’s cult. The one worn by Ivy has been my favorite and now it is available for purchase.

The American Horror Story Flip Flop Mask worn by Ivy on the show available on TrickorTreatStudios.com. The mask features an elephant symbolizing the GOP on one side and a donkey, which symbolizes the Democrats on the other. It can be worn either way and combined with a red and white striped suit could be the break out halloween costume among AHS fans in 2018.

The Flip Flop mask is slightly symbolic when you think of how Ivy’s character was portrayed on the show. She started out against Kai and was a very vocal democrat. But when it was revealed she was part of his cult Ivy wore the elephant part of the mask. Hence the name, flip flop. Or maybe I’m just overthinking it.

The mask was made by David Anderson and was made from the mold that was used to make the one on American Horror Story. The Flip Flop mask is only available for pre-order and won’t actually ship until August or September. That’s pretty standard for new Halloween masks or props every year. The Flip Flop mask will cost $79.99

Trick or Treat Studios produced an excellent Twisty the Clown mask as well as American Horror Story: Asylum mask in recent years. Those masks have become extremely popular to not only fans of the show but Halloween buffs everywhere.

I’d really like to see them come out with the clown with three faces mask that Kai wore last season. I’m not sure if it will be available this year. However, on a happier note, the clown masks worn by Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Winter (Billie Lourde) will be available later this year. The two masks were spotted at a Halloween trade show at the Trick or Treat Studios booth.

Halloween is still several months away but it’s always fun to see the new items come out and start planning for what we are going to dress up as in late October.